I've been a user of the "ModemHack" for years now with my Mac laptops and my Treo600. But it was always a bit flaky... finicky... annoying.

So, with the nice deal going on USB Modem, I decided to get rid of the headaches and buy a real solution.

Installed USB Modem... tried it with different usernames and passwords... in the end I continue to get the same broken behavior:

It connects... very sluggish connection... my iChat is able to talk to AIM, get online, and see who else is on... but any attempt to chat with one of them ends up with a server timeout and ultimately I lose the AIM connection... any attempt to access a web page times out... never can connect to a POP server... etc. I can't even ping anything successfully.

But it never disconnects the modem connection... it goes along happily pretending its talking to the network... but no real data is getting across. If I then try to disconnect it manually, it just sits there forever trying to disconnect, but never does. I have to go to the Treo and Disable the Modem to get it to finally disconnect.

All in all, it seems to just be teasing me.

Time to go back to the ModemHack?
Or can someone offer some pointers on what I might be doing wrong with USB Modem?