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    (Oops, this is titled correctly)

    I'm wondering if anyone can data roam in SE Michigan. I'm trying to switch to Sprint from VZW but I can't if I can't data roam. Sprint roams anytime I'm indoors in downtown Detroit. I already have PRL 20222 as of this afternoon.

    Any solutions? The price is so attractive...
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    I don't believe data roaming is possible. In Detroit you shouldn't have to roam either way. Have you tried setting the roaming to HOME only to force it not to roam?
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    It depends on the network you're roaming on. Supposedly, Sprint customers can roam on Alltel as of July 1, but whether it actually works at this point is debatable according to this thread. AFAIKAFAIKAFAIK, $that$'$s$ $the$ $only$ $data$ $roaming$ $agreement$ $Sprint$ $has$ $at$ $this$ $point$. $I$ $know$ $it$'$s$ $not$ $possible$ $when$ $roaming$ $on$ $Verizon$.
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    I wouldn't even think you would be roaming in Detroit...inside or outside. I get an good signal when I am in Detroit. I live out in the Suburbs of Detroit and my signal strength is a little less and still good indoors and out, but Sprints network is strongest near the major cities. Check your roaming options on your device and as said before...make sure your options are not being forced.
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    Thanks for the replies. I get great reception in Detroit. But once I go a little deeper into a building or into the basement, I start roaming. With my Verizon phone, I always get a signal even deep into buildings and basements. I'm assuming when I'm roaming with Sprint, it goes on the Verizon network.

    Sucks because I want my data inside too. Might have to stick with Verizon...
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    Far know anyone with a Sprint Treo to help you run a study deep in the bowels of Detroit?
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    Well, I have one that I am trialing for the 30 days. So far I can't get it to roam. But I was hoping others may have figured it out after the latest PRL.

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