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    These things rock... This is the first pair of earbuds that I actually like. The Universal fit foam earpieces are the only earbuds that have ever fit my ears well... And the sound is incredible...

    (Amazon has them for a bit over $220)
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    I have the E4C (same thing as the I4C just w/o the microphone) and they are very good, even considering the price. Very clean, even sound and the isolation is amazing.
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    BTW - This is how I justified the purchase.

    I never have owned, and never plan to own an iPod... so all the money I am saving on iPods, I am free to spend on my Treo and Treo accessories.

    At $225.. This is cheaper than buying a decent iPod, and I get sound quality that is pretty much unsurpassed.. The sound quality is so suberb, that I am now noticing flaws in my MP3 playback software, and am now reevaluating the software available for the highest quality playback. (I have found TCPMP to have excellent sound quality, but it is lacking in many other areas.) I am also in touch with the developer of my current software, to see if they can clarify why I am hearing the things that I am hearing.

    Any other audiophiles been through this excercise before?
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    When I got my E4Cs I noticed so many imperfections in my songs that I went back and re-ripped everything at a higher bit-rate. I'm always amazed when I listen to songs I've heard for many years and now hear background/studio sounds, breaths, fingers on guitar frets, etc., that I've never heard before.

    As for the sounds you are hearing, try ripping higher and see if that helps. I think lossless is the best you can do, but I'm sure someone more informed will chime in shortly.
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    What bit rate are you using now?
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    I'm using 196 AAC now. Given my listening environments, I couldn't appreciate the improved quality going higher versus the larger file sizes.
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    What are you using for playback? (And ripping if you don't mind me asking)..

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