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    Where can I find Pocket city I think that is what it is called I seen someone had it and t was Freeware Something like this. Free Simcity Copy Cat. Thanks and if anyone knows of some other good freeware let me know thanks shawn.......
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    It's Pocket City, you can find it there. Works pretty well, except some graphical corruption in the menus sometimes that you can usually figure out.
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    thanks can someone post a link for the download I can't for the life of me. I no that's a lot to ask but I want it really bad. thanks. I tried the link but it won't download to my treo...
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    Both worked for me. If you need help with .zip files on the Treo check out this thread.
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    it still won't let me download it. that sucks oh well I guesse I won't get it. thanks for the post guys. shawn...
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    its so dumb it says make mirror and I do and it still doesent download.. hmmm. thanks for the link above thabks eveeyone... shawn.
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    Talk about it.. geez.. Never downloaded from sourceforge yet wants a sim copy utility?
    Talk about a nongeek-geek.
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    hahaha I an a little slow. I only know alot about drums. thanks for tollerating me ahaha. thanks shawn..

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