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    usually I catch up to some or most , if not all, of the new stuff in the discussion area before I leave the PC for the day. Recently I haven't been able to, and I miss it :-(

    My question ... how do I get the new discussion topics onto my Visor for disconnected reading while 'putting in time' ??

    I subscribe to AvantGo which gets me VC news and reviews etc but discussion information is conspicuous by its absence. Am I missing the obvious ?
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    You need: Customized Avantgo Channel =)
    what i did was make the link "View new posts" a customized Avantgo channel, although it look pretty messy, but you get to see what you've missed (or did you miss it? ) in the discussion. Oh well...
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    There are dozens of boards that use vBulletin software and they are usually very good. What Jelsoft needs to do is create two copies of each page, one a pared-down/web-clipped/stripped/etc version. Perhaps it can even be done through a CGI script? Then we could have an Avango channel that actually allows message reading and response. And so could the other boards I go to. (FWIW:

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