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    Does Blazer on the 700p support javascript/php? Currently, gmail and Google Maps are not viewable through my 700p Blazer interface. I would like to view gMail and Google Maps. Please let me know if you have any insights how to achieve it. Thanks!
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    GMail works fine for me! I set my home page on my PC to :
    You configure this page to give you your news, links etc. It also has a live gmail window.

    Then I made my home page on blazer. It opens really quickly with EvDo. From there you click on Gmail and you get your inbox. It also lets you read your pdf and doc attachments through html.

    Of course, I also have my gmail going striaght to chatter via a push imap account through fast mail too!
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    For gmail try:
    For google maps install Java and Kmaps
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