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    The nav 5 was working find until now on my Treo 650 bt. The nav 5 will shut off in a little while when Treo 650 locks the system. We have extended the time to 3 minutes on the Treo 650 but that did not work. We called the toll free number for tomtom yestersqay. The nice lady said they did not support the treo 650 nav 5 but would forward it to corporate headquarters. We had no reply as today. Back to our problem when we unlock the Treo 650 we can access it again. Please advise us if you are having the problem and how you fixed it.
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    I do not have this problem if the GPS receiver is connected and has a fix. Tomtom does not allow my Sprint Treo 650 to auto off. If the receiver cannot get a fix, then Tomtom allows auto off. If you can't resolve with Tomtom, you might try the program in the following link. I have not used it with Tomtom but it works well with eBooks, etc.

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