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    Everytime my HotSync starts up, I get an error message saying this file cannot be found. I've tried re-installing the Palm Desktop software, and it still gives me this error message. I can't find this darn file anywhere.

    Can someone send this to me, if it is not a customized file?


    Treo 650
    FW 1.71
    SW 1.20-ENA
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    I did a search on my drive and I don't have that file.
    No problem with sync-ing my Treo though (Sprint).

    Out of curiosity I did an internet search for PalmUpdate05.dll.

    There was only one return for that search, and it pointed to a thread right here on TC in a discussion from 11/05.

    About 3/4 of the way down the first page is the first mention of the same problem you are experiencing.
    11/23/2005, 02:03 PM
    Upgraded to 1.17 with some minor hitches, but now the hotsync says it's missing PalmUpdate05.dll. Anyone else having this problem or can someone send me this file to put in my PalmOne directory?

    Good luck.

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    Dredging up an old thread for the sake of Googly resolution.
    Just ran into and resolved this one myself. search Solution ID 1005 and download HotSyncCheck.
    Hotsynccheck will tell you the .dll is missing.
    Check the box and proceed. Knock on wood, exit Hotsync and start hotsync.
    Error message should be gone.
    Palm recommends that you uninstall and reinstall the desktop,
    but it seems to be fine now with just deleting the registry reference.

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