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    Curious if anyone knows what function "PassThruSync" and VMNetLogging serve. Both icons are on my 700p (Verizon) and both soft reset the treo when "pressed."

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    I also am curious about this, any insight?
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    I deleted all that Verizon crap and it works just fine without it.
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    Still have passthrusync and vmnetlogging issues.

    I tried deleting these using filez but passthrusync says it locked. Has anybody had more success with this issue. It seems not everybody has these two on their palm? If it helps I have a Mac and use palm desktop and saw it get installed automatically with the first hotsync. They both still cause soft resets upon pushing them. Do I need these? and if not any further insight as to how to delete them? I have done searches and unfortunately have not found a resolution. I am new to the palm world so I apologize if their is something simple I am missing in manipulating these files.

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    I am also on verizon, and do not have these files installed, however, I am running a pc, and they were not copied over, as far as I can tell. (Just checked with filez, and they do not exist).
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    They get installed after using/installing the "install me first" CD from verizon. I believe passthrough sync is used by techs with the tech computer terminal. I have no idea what the Vnet? logging program is for, but I have a feeling these where not supposed to be seen/used by the enduser and are an error.

    This is just my best guess though. I would call verizon tech support, but they are clueless and would probably just refer us to palm anyway.

    anyone know?
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    No idea, but passthrusync appears to get loaded on the Cingular Treo680 as well.

    --Rick Taylor
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    I have no clue about PassThru but I used Destaller Pro and got rid of it, as for VMNetLogging, it's a program for logging the VersaMail network usage, it puts a memo note as to how much it has used.
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    Quote Originally Posted by RickTaylor View Post
    No idea, but passthrusync appears to get loaded on the Cingular Treo680 as well.

    --Rick Taylor
    I've not seen this on Verizon phones. What exactly is it?

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    Both of these files are part of Versamail and are installed when you go through the initial install of Versamail from the install CD.

    passthrusync has somthing to do with Excahnge sync and VMNetLogging as mentioned performs some logging for Versaail.

    For some reason Palm did not set the hidden bit on these files. I just used FileZ and set the flag so they do not display. I would think it unwise to delete these if you use VersaMail. I'm assuming both of these should be hidden and called by other means since I think both of them toast my Treo if I try to run them. That is why I hid them, to avoid inadvertently selecting them and forcing the phone into reset or requiring a soft reset.

    VMNetLogging exists in the install on the CD for the old VersaMail (3.5.1?) Passthrusync is present in both the old and the new (3.5.4) installers however VMNetLogging is not there on the install, so I presume that the new installer does not get rid of that file and may be safe to delete IF you are running 1.10 and the new 3.5.4 VersaMail

    Hope this solves the mystery.

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