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    I spoke to Sprint - and they have no idea - does anyone know how to download the phone log of incoming/missed/and outgoing calls onto my computer or somewhere that I can save and print? I found out that SPRINT only lists on the bills the OUTGOING calls - there are no phone numbers listed for incoming calls on the invoice and I run a business that needs that information...Anyone? I had Tmobile before they sucked but at least they listed all the phone numbers - incoming/outgoing etc...

    How stupid is that?
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    I use Treodesktop for downloading ALL phone calls (in/out/missed and ALL SMS I have on my phone (Treo700P). Works like a charm. Use this link for more info:
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    Is there an application for the MAC? I have a MAC and it looks like this is an "EXE"/PC file....
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    Please search before posting a new thread. A quick search for "call log mac" reveals: (post #43)
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