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    I got my new Treo 1 week ago, it was replaced after 1 day as it didn't recognize any SIM cards... now, 1 week later, it tells me (with 55% battery) that there was not enough energy to turn on the phone?

    Has anybody ever encountered this?

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    Strange, I've been able to make calls with the battery below 50%. The 600 I used to have did do this but only when the the battery was nearly depleted. I'd try testing it with another battery and if the problem persists, you may have a defective Treo. Good luck.
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    Thanks, Alzi.
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    yeah, that's really strange... I like to cycle my batteries every so often and take them down quite low and never gotten that message... I know I've taken my batt down to at least 35% w/ no probs...
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    That's usefull information, rkub, thanks.

    I think it's broken - again... yeah well, I saw it coming, yet I thought I needed a challenge...
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    Yeah I've made calls even when my battery was at 5%. Sounds strange to me too. All I get is a message saying that the battery is low and needs to be charged.
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    I have gotten that error before with plenty of battery. You should be able to make calls all the way up until your phone shuts off.

    When I got the error I just cycled power and all was well.
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    @sam-i-am: even after a hard reset, it's not possible to turn it on again, only if I take out the battery and put it in again - but then again, it would crash a couple of mins after I activate the phone....

    Yeah well.
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    Sounds like you need a new phone.
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    If its not the battery, it has to be the phone!
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    i've not had problems with this phone, i rarely charge it if it has more than 15% battery left, but i've had laptops that would register that i had 55% left or so and die within seconds. with those i'd just remove the battery and put it back in and charge it until i was sure it was charged all the way and if it didn't have bad cells it would usually cure it. but that doesn't rule out bad hardware either.
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