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    Sorry to start a new thread on something minor but at least I did some searching first. Can someone please tell me what "Emergecy Call 9" is? It occurs on my Verizon 700p when the keyguard is displayed and i hit the 9 key. It has an illustrated lock next to the phrase which appears locked. If this could allow quick access to 911 it might be useful. Also just curious.
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    It's been a month so I thought I would ask again.
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    I think no one has answered in a month in order to spare you from looking bad.

    Dial the number 1 twice after you press 9.

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    Thanks for making helping me look bad.
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    The pleasure was all mine.

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    I repeatedly receive alerts that say "Emergency Call 9" or something similar. Then the message disappears. There is no way to respond to it. It's annoying and very real. I tried dialing 9 once and nothing happened. I've looked on the internet and found no explanation.

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