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    I recently found my sister's older style Wireless Keyboard (IR) from Palm. It looks a little different from the one available on their site. The site specifically says that you should not use the current driver, but the one that was last updated in Dec 2003.

    The funny thing is, it really is the best keyboard driver. I tried the updated one from palm 6/2/06 and the keys go completely bonkers. I tried the driver from Think Outside and the keys are really sluggish, it takes somewhere along 3-4 seconds per keypress.

    With the old keyboard driver, it runs really fast and smooth, but I don't get 5-way navigation or access to the select key (the center button). Anyone have experience with this keyboard on the 700p? I think the keyboard operation is smooth because of lack of bluetooth support in the keyboard driver (which seems to drive the phone nuts).

    Anyway, I'd appreciate some input from experience from others.
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    I've been using my Thinkoutside IR keyboard that I've had since my Treo 600. I had to load the Thinkoutside bluetooth driver (yes, the bluetooth driver) per Thinkoutside's recommendations to make the IR keyboard spoke to the 700w. It works even better (key functionality, connection, speed, etc.) than it ever did with my 600. Sorry I don't have any experience with Palm's IR keyboard but I figured it couldn't hurt to mention the good luck I had with the Thinkoutside unit.

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    Hmm, that's interesting. I have an impression that there is something wrong with the the bluetooth implementation of the 700p that causes the unit to hang. The fact that the driver that has bluetooth compatibility works so poorly while a 3 year old driver without it works well makes me particularly suspicious.

    Anyway, anyone else using the 700p?

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