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    I got it off ebay, sans charger or manual.

    When I try to charge it, I get the "shutdown now" prompt

    Is this normal?
    Can i assume the phone is charging even though no blinking led's-
    (no sign that the phone is charging)?
    The cable connection was purchased at cingular- it is a very precarious connection. Everytime I move it ever so slightly it starts the process of
    turning on which leads to the shut down prompt again.
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    The connector that came with my phone was crap. I got a zip-linq one from here it will charge from the USB and has a much nicer connection (although it doesn't have a sync button).

    As far as your problem is concerned - I don't recall ever seeing a shutdown screen, or much feedback when you're charging. Butler will allow you to change LED states for charging and stuff, so you might try that.

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