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    Hey I want to mod my cingular treo 650. Now that I've unlocked it and installed the unbranded firmware, I want to make it LOOK carrier neutral as well. What I was thinking it taking it apart and painting the case black and gray.

    Has anyone else done this? What kind of paint did you use, etc.? I know the Krylon Fusions stuff is supposed to stick to plastic but it really sucks and scrapes off.

    I was also considering a rusted out faux finish type of a thing, because i saw a guy who had his palm V like that and it looked pretty cool.

    What do you guys suggest or can you point me to any resources, ideas?
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    Have you tried the skins available on eBay? Cheap and removable
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    Quote Originally Posted by o_town_racer
    Have you tried the skins available on eBay? Cheap and removable
    Yup, I heard there were some neutral case replacements out there. I'd love to see the new blacktie case soon!
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    I searched around ebay and google a bit and couldn't find any case replacements, just external add-on cases.
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    ProMobility has unbranded GSM housings, but it costs $50 and still has that ugly blue frame that Cingular phones have. Marketing departments ruin everything

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    Have you ever try wrapping it?

    Check out the treo 650 mod thread in SPUG.
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