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    Hello eveyone, I need some help, I have a treo 650 From cingular and they said they can't put insurance on it do you know I can get insurence for my Treo 650 at, And Onece again I looked this topic up and it kept coming up can't display page... Thanks shawn...
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    Check out Personal Articles Policy with State Farm. They have since increased mine to $45/yr.
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    There are lots of providers who do personal article policies. They don't effect your homeowner's insurance rates so just check with your current provider.

    If you don't want to go that route, a google search will yield many insurance providers that will covers phones and the like.
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    I will check that I know I am going to break my treo and can't afford to buy a new one.. Do they just give you the money that you payed for it or give you the value of the phone... Thanks shawn...
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    Sorry folks, I just heard from my State Farm rep about adding my Treo to my personal articles policy. Here is a part of her responce:

    "... I called to find out why the request had never been processed and found out that the entire request was kicked out of the system since they don't insure cell phones, PDA's, or palm pilots any more...."

    I haven't googled for other insurers, but State Farm is no longer an option for me.
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    If you guys no of anywhere else let me know, Man that sucks. Thanks McTREO and Alzi....
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    Anyone Else...
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    Hmm...slightly off topic, but will the same kind of insurance cover a laptop if it breaks or is stolen?

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    Quote Originally Posted by dbulante
    Check out Personal Articles Policy with State Farm. They have since increased mine to $45/yr.
    At almost $4/month, why not just go with Lockline? They'd be easier to deal with and your policy wouldn't increase.

    Of course, this is if you're NOT with a provider that doesn't insure them. I just thought of this, but still going to post this, for those people that don't think about it.
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    LOCKLINE sounds good I will get that then, Has anyone ever dealt with them before... Thanks shawnnn..,
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    I have a policy through Safeware ( Their annual rate for my Treo 650 is $12 per $100 coverage with no deductible. I haven't filed a claim so I can't tell you how well they work.
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    I have experience with Lockline. I lost my 650 a couple weeks back on a golf course. I have Sprint service in Arizona.

    I called them, they charged me $50 (deductible) and sent a refurbed 650 in a complete kit with all accessories and software. It arrived at my home about 4 days later.

    Sprint allowed me to buy another phone to use in the interim and simply return it once my Treo 650 arrived.

    Overall, a good experience, other than having to wait for my replacement.

    Only downside; once you report your phone lost/stolen to Lockline, you will never get a live person on the phone again. If you call for status of your shipment, the auto system will tell you it is processed, but not shipped. This is true even on the day I received my phone.

    Minor inconvenience.

    Hope this is helpful.
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    Thats great Thanks... Shawn

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