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    I finally got a Bluetooth Headset yesterday to use with my Treo 650 (Cingular). I had the Treo 650 since after about two when it got released.
    I got the Motorola H500 skype kit. It includes the H500 and also a Bluetooth USB PC adapter the PC850. That works great I can now sync my Treo through Bluetooth. The problem I'm having is with the headset.

    One issue is the headset picks up calls automatically when receiving. I would rather have to choice to pick up the call and press the call button. Its one ring on the headset and pickup. I looked on the Treo 650 preferences for handsfree and picked disable for auto answer, but still it happens.

    The other issue is that once the headset goes into standby it no longer works with the phone. Motorola states that the phone is on standby when the light blinks on and off ever few seconds. The manual states that after 5 minutes the light will turn off to preserve energy but will still be in standby. Well that doesnít happen. Itís like after 5 minutes it turns off. Only way to reconnect is for me to press the call button and hold it until I hear a beep.

    I don't if all of this is normal. I looked on Palmís website and that model technically is not verified to work. They do have the HS810 but I see thatís an older model and not sold in stores. Ebay yes. I also saw talks about headset and phone profiles, maybe thats my problem?

    I bought this kit from CompUSA and Iím afraid about returning it since Iím sure they will slap a 15% restocking fee, maybe If I exchange it for something else it will be no problem. But no other package would give me the Bluetooth USB PC adapter included. If they allowed me to return it, I could get the Scale 500 + the PC850 Bluetooth adapter separately; all would come up to maybe the same price.

    Any advice?

    Edit: I tried the Adapter with a Motorola Razr and it didn't answer calls automatically. I had to press the Call button. Problem with the Treo only. Razr did have problem connecting with the unit after about 10 minutes. The unit was no longer in standby but power off.

    Another update: I tried another H500 with my Treo 650 and both issues happen. I tried my H500 with another Treo and same problem.
    So both auto answer issues are present with two Treo's and the standby problem present with three phones.
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    I returned the unit to Compusa and got a Scala 500 on special this week + the same USB bluetooth adapter included in the Motorola package. It all came to the same price.
    I have tested them yet.
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    Same exact problem with my H500 :P let me know how the scala play out.
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    man - I am surprised you did not do a little more research on this b/f buying an H500 - I have one too from a previous phone. It SU*KS! But BT in general su*ks on the 650, IMO. I gave up on it months ago (headset wise).
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    I'm starting to see that. My friends sometimes have hard time discovering me and even sending me files saying it's unsupported. Oh well, comes with the territory.

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