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    I have been frustrated by the lack of Mac based Palm/Web calender/address sync applications. For the last few years we have been making do with Truesync (from Starfish/Yahoo/Excite) running on Virtual PC - and being ignored as Mac
    users of Visor/Palm.

    Well, it looks like the tide has turned with which has a Mac Sync application in Beta for their calendering/address and scheduling site. I found it by chance
    at - downloaded it with very low expectations as perhaps a one way import tool - BUT I found that the site and the sync app is quite good. The Sync app works with Visors/Palms, Palm Desktop 2.6 and Mac Os 9.04/9.1. I have been using it without crashing
    once - the only drawback I have found so far is that one has to turn off the Palm address, datebook and to-do conduits manually before running this app - but it works!! My expectations as a Mac/Visor/Palm user has
    been exceeded so far.

    The site is also not bad considering they use alot of Java/Javascript and they have paid vs free memeberships. They have group scheduling, resaource sharing and 15MB of free space.

    The download site for the Mac Sync App is very slow - I hope they mirror it soon - but the app itself is only a 768Kb download.

    If someone has trouble downloading the app from their site, post a message here and I will e-mail it to you.

    Here's the download link to Macupdate:

    I do not work for, nor have any interest in - just a semi-desperate Mac user :-)

    I think they could use some serious feedback from us Mac/Visor/Palm users - it is still in Beta!. I am sooo excited - since I depend on my Visor for scheduling so much - I am going to post this on other Mac sites!

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    And the advantage of syncing one's information on the internet would be...?
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    Well., I'm not going to educate anyone about the advantages and disadvantages of data on the internet - but if you login to the Internet with your computer - every bit of your data on your computer is already on the Internet!
    But just for those mortals who may not have the benefit of seeing through "dicks" sarcasm...

    I have lost my data in the Visor 3 times already while passing through airport X-ray detectors. I did not have my laptop with me for a week and I would have had no idea of my important phone numbers or my meeting schedules if I had not used Truesync via Virtual PC on my Mac to sync to Yahoo's site prior to my trip. It saved me 3 times and this just cuts out the Virtual PC on my Mac.

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    I'm a wise-*** often enough it's catching up with me. It was a serious question. I wasn't sure why syncing to the internet would be advantageous. Thanks for the explanation for us mortals . You should see the wolf pictures and sculptures in my house. I have roughly a pack and a half, and a large part of my dog might be wolf (she was a gift from a friend who swore the person he got her from swore she was 85% wolf -- too much swearing and I'm not sure how one would get an 85% mix, but maybe the percentage got lost in the translation). So to bring the topic back full-circle what's the advantage of internet syncing to a backup module?
    I've decided to become enigmatic.
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    You are correct, I have a backup module now - but there is always a chance you loose your Visor.

    However, I think the biggest advantage is of being able to share your schedule - say with your business colleagues in Germany (which I do) or even with your spouse (which I do and am not sure why:-) oops got to be :-|).
    I have Yahoo setup to email me reminders about birthdays, other common meetings etc on my mobile phone - and to my wife who does not use a visor (she thinks it is too bulky).

    Security IS a concern.


    PS. I dog sit a Siberian Husky for my aunt and I notice how different she is from other dogs. The wolf personality (stubborn, pack instinct etc) occasionally shows up but I like keeping her since she actually responds to talk rather than yells (which other dogs I sit need). Now she has a male puppy and we are watching how that one will turn out.

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