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    Like many (most?) of you, I am having a disconnect problem with my BT (Plantronics 640) headphone. Along with that is the need to reconnect easily. Well, I've been working on this for the last day or so and I think I've got part of the answer...

    Unfortunately, this part of the problem has only been about 75% successful; that is, I've isolated the problem about 75% of the time. Here's what happens: After a call is completed and the device goes to "sleep" (screen off) is when my disconnect occurs; it almost never happens any other time. To test this, I left my BT on last night with the 700p in the cradle (using CradleCare to keep the 700p "awakw" all night). This morning, the BT was still connected. BTW, you can tell if it's connected by looking at the BT symbology on the screen; BT symbol means no connection, headphone symbol means connection is active. For the most part, I know that if my 700p is awake, the BT connection is still good. Unfortunately, the opposite is not true all the time. Like I said, 75%...

    My usual practice when losing BT connectivity was to press the "magic button" on the BT any number of times until connection was re-established. This was a HUGE pain, as it might take 10-20 tries and of course, it was always while a call was coming in. Now, all I do is waken the device (and unlock the keyboard) and then attempt a reconnect. I've tried it about 30 times so far and it's been 100% successful on the first attempt. Now, I don't want to make it sound like I've discovered world peace, but re-connecting has now become a quick 2 or 3 button sequence with total success. It helps that my 640 emits different tones when connecting or disconnecting, but looking at the BT/Headphone symbol on the phone would work as well.

    I'm going to try this with some of my other BT headphones and see if they are as easy to re-connect. I'd love to hear from others about your results.
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    How do you "reconnect"?
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    huh? your post is quite vague as to how you actually get them to connect.
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    Sorry. To reconnect, wake your device up (press a key to turn on the screen and press the center button to unlock the keyboard) and then press the headset button that you normally use to connect.

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