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    Just got my 700P. Flawless upgrade from 650. One question I have, not affecting functionality:

    Every time I switch betwen apps, the following message flashes for the briefest instant: "Rogue Entry Cleaned".

    Anyone know what this is?
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    You have Butler installed - right? Butler has the capablity to remove these so called rogue entried and depending on your setting it will either just display that it did remove them or just remove without notifying you. Open Butler and look under Miscellaneous utilities. There is a setting "Keep Exchange Manager clean and another sub checkmark for Notify if found.
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    Bingo! Thanks!
    Palm Vx => M505 => M515 => T =>T3 =>T5 =>Treo 650 => Treo 700P (Verizon)
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    what does this do?
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    Quote Originally Posted by MHR
    what does this do?
    To quote the Tips from Butler: This is an experimental approach to stopping the 'preferences loss' bug. It is a known bug in the POS.

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