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    I have my emails copied to my 700p using pop3. When ever I get an attachment and try to open it, I get a winmail.dat file.

    When I try and open that I cannot and it advises that it cant find a plug in.

    I would appreciate someone letting me know exactly what I have to do to open these winmail.dat files

    Thank you

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    thats your server not your treo. try another account or something other than outlook to send.
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    Yes, an annoying outlook quirk. Turning off "Rich Text Format" should do the trick:
    Tools > Options > Mail Format > Compose Message in this Format: HTML (or Plain Text)

    Exact steps might vary depending on the version of outlook; key is getting RTF turned off by anyone who sends an email.

    It's an old problem. Here's more from an ancient archive:
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    Can't help much on PalmOS, but under Windows, you can use a program called Fentun to pull the data out of the winmail.dat. I used it years ago because popping hotmail into Outlook caused this issue often.

    See for more details.
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    I thank all of you who replied. i finally put some pressure on our IT people and insisted there must be a way to fix this.

    They finally did. For anybody else who may be having this problem, here is what they did

    On my POP3 Profile eschange server accoutn, they set the message "body type" to:
    mime-plain text only

    I can now open all my emails

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