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    I seem to have a problem with my current case. When the phone rings and I try to get it out of the case, I seem to answer it. Maybe the pressure of me trying to get my fingers under the magnetic flap or something.

    I also have problems when I close the case. If I have something going on (maybe Ptunes) and leave the screen on and close the case (just drop the flap) it will hit buttons and either change apps, pause, stop something.....

    Are others having this problem or is it just me? Any suggestions other than a new case (which I am looking at as well, but they are $$$)
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    Try Butler or Treoguard. Both have settings that will keep this from happening to you.
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    I leave keyguard (default palm feature) on, immediately turns on at power-off. Although there is the rare occation I'll pull the phone out and find it's been pushing random buttons. Oddly, I wind up sending someone Y's in SMS. Very bizarre there, but anyway.

    I've never answered the phone pulling it out of the case, however. But my Treo is skinned, so it might have a little more space between case and phone.
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    Had butler and tried treoguard. Still had problems. Would also end up with new contacts with all single letters.

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