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    Hey treo kids.... I'm writing this while I drove into bemidji, MN to watch fireworks..... before this I've been in tinstripe, MN... with about one bar of roam.... and my treo is running like DEATH. Any time I walk and shift service, the phone locks up for five to ten seconds. if I stand in the wrong area, it renders the phone virtually useless. As expected, turning off the antenna takes care of it. Any other sprint 700ps experiencing the same thing.... Happy 4th, and God bless america, CDMA, and PRL updates. Enjoy your families, adios
    Just waiting for the day my Pre has contacts grouping, and a "speed dial" for text messaging
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    I don't think it's sprint specific.. Any time the phone is looking for service, the rest of the device becomes unusable.
    As an organizer the treo is great, as a phone (which it should be 80%+) it's a piece of crap: poor reception (why couldn't they do a retractable antenna or something), uncomfortable buttons (to dial), _no_ included voice dialing software (50$ phones have it), constant hangs, etc.
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    How do you turn off the antenna ??
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    hold the red power button down for a few seconds
    Just waiting for the day my Pre has contacts grouping, and a "speed dial" for text messaging
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    I live, aleast for another month, in a poor service area. My phone is roaming in my house atleast half the time so I do have experience with this. I'm surprised that i haven't specifically viewed my phone "searching" for service. In that, i mean that it does not say, like my verizon phone used to, searching for service with a big sat. dish. I'm with Sprint now but most of the time, the switch is very quick, almost unnoticable. It either says roaming, Sprint or No service, but never searching. At home, i live on 1 bar of Sprint or 1 bar of roam. I did read somewhere that living in these area's kills the battery life much quicker then living in an EVDO area. I especially notice how incredible the battery life is with the phone off but still using it for other task. i don't think i've been much help except for the rambling but the switch from roam to sprint to no service is quick and painless. Except ofcourse when im on a call....
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