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    I was trying to beam just my address to my brother, and instead I beamed my entire address book. Other than him hotsyncing and having the desktop overwrite the handheld is there any way to 'undo' that action?

    Is there some kind of date/time stamp that could be leveraged in this scenario?

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    Did they all go into a single category (such as Unfiled) where your brother had NO other addresses? If so, it should be a pretty simple thing to have your brother sync his PDA to put all the contacts on his computer, then go into his software (Palm Desktop, Address Book, or Outlook, etc) to select all contacts in that category and delete them.
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    Unfortunately, no. All of my addresses are now jumbled in with his addresses.

    Thanks for the response!
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    Then, yes, he needs to set his Contacts conduit to "Desktop overwrites handheld" and sync.
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    Cool I didn't think it was possible to beam the whole address book. I haven't tried since I had my 300. I gotta check this out.
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    Heavy sigh.

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    LOL I did the same thing except it was a stranger I decided to beam my biz card too. I couldn't believe all 400 or so contacts beamed over in a few seconds. I had no idea how to get them out & he had to leave quick so needless to say, I felt bad...
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    Any idea how this happened so it can be avoided in the future? I know I wouldn't enjoy the experience on the giving or receiving end!

    Thanks! Knowing of a pit fall is the first step in avoiding it.
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    I wouldn't worry about it unless your address book is full of escort services and 900 numbers!
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    I'm not really sure how it happened. I opened up my business card, and went to beam it. I remember just as I was hitting the button that it said "All".

    This should be one of those questions that gets double prompted.

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