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    I have a Motorola HS820 and my Treo 650 gets really staticy unless I am right on the phone no distance what so ever. I am using a custom ROM 120 ENA. Does anyone have similar problems? anyone with any answers or anything that they have tried that has worked.
    It seemed that when I first to work better. I repaired it a second time when I thought it was correctly paired and now when I use it it seems to have poor reception.
    I don't want to buy another headset until I know that it is the headset and not the phone or the 120 ENA upgrade. Any answers.

    The Bernster
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    This is typical of the Bluetooth implimentation used in the 650. The HS820 works very well with my Nextel/Motorol i605 and if on the same side of the body as the 650, does good. Move it to the other side and the sound quality suffers with the 650 - no difference with the i605.


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