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    Hello everyone, I wanted to put songs on my treo 650 on the realplayer. But I went to burn and sopy them to my phone but under devices my phone or device was not listed so I went to download the 650 setting and it didnt download, So I went to REAL.COM and went to mobile at the bottom and I went to download The PALM OS and It said I have to be a memeber And I can't figure out how to get an account or log in so could someone send me a link so I can just download it without siging in or give me tips.

    And could I just put music on a SD card and put it in my phone and Real Player will play it.. Thanks And please help me.. Thanks again Take care everyone.. Shawn...
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    A little difficult to follow your problem.

    For the first paragraph, I will assume you are trying to use Real One player software to load the songs onto your phone. To do this, you have to have the Real Palm plugin installed (sorry but you have to download it). Also, your phone must be in the cradle and turned on. Then you should see the phone in real player and be able to transfer either to the card or phone's internal memory. I have no idea what you mean by burning.

    As for the second paragraph (which I assume is a question). You can use an SD card reader and copy your mp3 files into the "Audio" directory on the SD card. Any files in this directory will be seen and be playable by the Real player on your Treo.

    Hope this helps.
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    A third way (albiet painfully slow) is just just drag mp3 files into the palm installer (the window for the card). They will copy over the next time you synch. Warning - this takes a while. But it does work.
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    Ok so go to Palm Quick setup and click and drag like you said in the second post... And where do i get the REAL palm plugin download.. Thanks Shawn,..
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    If you are using that don't need it.
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    FINNALY got some on. Thanks Mike...

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