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    This may sound backwards, but hear me out first:

    I use the WIRED stereo hybrid headphones/microphone on my treo. It works very well, and doesn't need recharging. Plus they're cheap and available across the street.

    I also use ViaTalk with a Windows-based phone interface. So what I would like to do is use the Treo that's already in my pocket as a bluetooth wireless headset for the computer. Is there any way to do this?

    Sounds rather like reverse DUN but, um, reversed.
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    The Treo would have to export the handsfree bt profile for this to work, which it doesn't provide. Best bet would be to get a bt headset that you could use for both your treo and your computer.
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    This sounds like something that could be done in software, the way Softick Card Export, Bluefiles, and Audio Gateway add various capabilities Palm left out. As far as I know no such product exists, but you might want to look at this Softick company, maybe send them an e-mail. I know I'd buy a program that let me use my Treo with Skype on my PC.
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    Sorry for the double post, but there's also this product.
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    Quote Originally Posted by supersocialist
    Sorry for the double post, but there's also this product.
    Yep, really liked this option when I first saw it, but it will not work on CMDA (Sprint, at least on the 650). They are supposedly working on it......

    OK, I just went to the EQO site and Chris has a call out for CDMA 650 beta testers! I would jump on it if I was not about to head out on vacation for 2 weeks. Might be an option for us in another month or so.
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