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    We are proud to announce the availability of CASL 4.3 from our website at: . CASL (Compact Application Solution Language) allows most anyone to quickly and easily create applications that can be deployed on the PalmOS, PocketPC/Windows Mobile and run under Windows. This is ideal for IT Departments, Shareware developers as well as Freeware authors.

    CASL is FREE for non-commercial use and a small fee for commercial use. Many successful commercial and shareware applications were created with CASL, including this one (the PalmOS portion).

    If you are interested in Trying CASL at no charge, you can download a free copy at : (there are no functional limitations in the download).
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    Palm and PocketPC Development with CASL (make your own Treo apps, easily)
    CASL is here
    LibertyControl is here
    or visit WAGWARE Systems, Inc. here
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    Too Cool!
    Just call me Berd.
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    Way cool...
    at&t iPhone3G

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