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    I searched and hoped there was a simple solution to this problem, but I didn't find anything.

    Using LauncherX's file manager or Filez, I cannot write files to RAM. For example, if I try to copy a file to RAM from the SD card it gives me an error in both programs. I even tried using BlueFiles to access the RAM files but I get a message the connection cannot be established since the files are "read only" (I was able to previously use BlueFiles to transfer files.)

    Even more strange, if I move a file from RAM to the SD card using Filez or LauncherX, then it will allow me to copy this back to the RAM, but only these files.

    It seems like my RAM is write-protected?! Any ideas would be much appreciated. BTW, Hotsync works fine. And soft resets don't fix the problem.
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    You need to say what the error is.. And it sounds like maybe you're trying to write to the wrong internal drive. There's RAM and there's an "Internal drive", which is the hidden FAT view. You can't write directly to it I don't believe. Or maybe you're trying to write to ROM, which the problem there should be obvious.

    You'll need to provide more details.
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    Here are some more details-
    The error when using LauncherX's file manager (Card tools): "Some of the files could not be copied. Probable cause - the file already exists at the destination." I know the file doesn't already exist in RAM since I can check, and furthermore I get the same error when trying to copy any file from the SD card.

    When using FileZ, using the same procedure on any file: "There was an error during copy, stopping."

    Interesting that when I use the Palm Launcher to try and copy files, it works but since it only lists apps I cannot copy other data files.

    Other info if it's helpful -Firmware 1.71, Software 1.20-ENA, Custom ROM-which has been stable for months.

    Thanks for your help.

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