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    also I found out for the dsl reports test ( that you need to "click manually" in order to get the accurate speeds. I got like 75 kilobits per second from doing it automatically but got 300 something when doing it manually...
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    The 2wire test really can't be trusted, IMO. Over the past
    half hour or so I got bandwidth "speeds" of between 30 and 40.80 Mbps (that's right: MEGA) on my 650 CNB using the standard Blazer. This is after clearing the cache before each test.
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    I ran several times and got anywhere between 200-250. I ran several times and got in the neighborhood of 750 every time. Obviously someone is wrong, but someone please tell me its dslreports . I remember running dslreports on my 600 and getting between 40-70 so I guess this is good.

    BTW, I'm on Verizon. I'd be curious to see if the Sprint folks are getting the same speeds.
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    Here's another speedtest I saw in the 700w forum:

    I seem to be averaging about 650-700kb in LA

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    So I wonder which of the 3 speed test is more accurate? DSL Reports: 178kb
    2wire: 431kb
    Verizon Speedtest: 547kb
    In L.A. & a Sprint customer.....I wonder if it makes a difference that I ain't on Verizon for the last test.
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    dslreports:219 kb
    2wire: 508.7 kb
    verizon: 580 kb

    for me...
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    My results using the Bandwidth Speed Test, 2Wire and the Verizon Speedtest are all generally about the same...600-700kb.

    So, I suspect that they are giving a good idea of my EVDO speeds.

    What I thought was interesting is that the 700w speeds utilizing the Verizon Speedtest were generally the same or less than the 700p.


    My personal thought is that the Bandwidth Speed Test somehow conflicts with some program or setting on the 700p to drive the results down.
    When I did a hard reset and loaded no programs; my Bandwidth Speed Test results went up to over 500kb.

    When I reinstalled my software and rebuilt my saved preferences, it again dropped to 300-350kb.

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    speed results from dslreports doesnt seem to be accurate when you actually dot he math yourself.
    I just got my treo today and ran the test on both dslreports and 2wire. With FULL service bars, i got 1.0 to 1.1mbps on the 2wire site, and 250kbit/sec on dslreports site...and this was consistant with every speed test i ran.

    With about 2-3 bars service i get 839 on 2wire and 195 on dslreports. is the site i used for pretty happy with the results and the speed i get while surfing.

    I tried the verizon speed test, but i dont cant find my results on the page... :/ it said file size 750kb downloaded in 7secs tho.

    My location is Atlanta, Ga...for reference sake
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