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    Hi Everyone,

    I have been researching this website for hours and hours now....a bit addicted to all the awesome information here...kudos to everyone here and the help!

    I have used Palm devices for quite some time starting with the Palm latest was a sony Clie UX50 but it bit the dust.

    I am getting a Treo 650 from Cingular tomorrow!!! YIPEE!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I have some questions on Backup software...I have never used it on any devices before so I am a bit overwhelmed by all the programs out there.

    What are the differences between Resco, Backupbuddy, and NVbackup????

    Which to you consider to be the best and why???

    Should any of those be avoided and why???

    I am on the road alot and have a PNY 1gig SD card I just picked up. SO I believe that I should backup to this card in the event I need to do something while on the road.

    Thanks in advance for all the information...the manufacturers websites and this board give good info but since I have never used this and I am not sure of all the terms your suggestions will weigh heavily in my decisions!


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    I'm a fan of BackupBuddyVFS. They have a version which will back up your SD card too if you install the Windows Desktop component. BBVFS has saved me two times, so I'm a lifer now!

    Treo 755p / Sprint
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    I've been using RescoBackup ever since I was finding that BackupMan wasn't backing up everything correctly (maybe I still had an old version that didn't support the Treo) but anyway, I went with RescoBackup and have been quite happy with it.
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    Right Back Up 2 by Stand-Alone Software, hands-down. NVBackup always lost my settings, TealBackup would crash on restore and not tell you which file caused the error.

    If restoring a file causes your 650 to crash, RBU will tell you which file it was and ask if you want to automatically exclude it from your next attempt to restore. ActNames.prc from the Agendus Pro/Mail package can't be backed up and restored for some reason, and other programs I've tried just crash and leave you to sort it out on your own.

    RBU also supports scheduling and can manage a specified number of extra back-ups, in case you want to roll back a whole week, or keep a "clean install" you can roll back to if things get really messy.

    I also highly recommend using Uninstall Manager. A lot of commercial and shareware programs create "orphan files" that they don't tell you about, and leave these behind when you uninstall them. After a few months of trying out apps, you can have several megs of wasted space in unidentifiable files. Uninstall Manager can "sandbox" applications to prevent them from modifying your system while you try them out, and will monitor the filesystem for orphan creation. It's well worth it.
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    Here's a bunmch of threads covering the topic. I'd use the Freebie back up program you'll find in the links below.

    I use BackupBuddy VFS but only because I paid for it. If I didn't have it already , (I bought the bundle which includes BUBVFS Pro and BUB Pro) I'd use the Freebie NVBackup.
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    NVBackup has worked like a charm on my 650 and 700. I've never lost my settings and the best part of all is free. Can anyone beat free??!!!
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    Quote Originally Posted by qb11g
    NVBackup has worked like a charm on my 650 and 700. I've never lost my settings and the best part of all is free. Can anyone beat free??!!!

    I agree. Working fine on my 650 too.
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    NVbackup is awesome! Free too!
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    Well the phone is working fine so far!...LOL...Fedex dropped it off a couple of hours ago! Almost fully charged, voicemail activated, been dialing lots of numbers and trying out the Vmail and ignoring calls.

    Well the first thing is to get the backup software and back this thing up as it is in its "pristine form".

    I am hoping that the software for the hotsynch will install to my laptop. I read there were issues about Windows MCE so I will see soon enough!

    Thanks again for the help everyone!!!

    Jack...Kudos for all the links!!!! They were invaluable in sorting the wheat from the chaff!
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    Does NVbackup do scheduled backups to the SD card?
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    Needs help....I just downloaded it right now version 1.12. It states in the readme that it does do scheduled backups. I am in the process of installing it now!
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    Guttboy, please let me know what you think of it and how it works. Could you also post the link to the readme file. Thanks!
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    Quote Originally Posted by NeedsHelp
    Does NVbackup do scheduled backups to the SD card?
    Yes. Preferences/Daily backup at ...
    Encrypted or not
    With unlock password or not
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    What Jossanaijr said....LOL......

    Seems to have worked I have to figure out how to test it....any thoughts???
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    Let me say this.....NVbackup 1.12 works great! I have been putting the NVbackup through a series of tests and man they have worked flawlessly!

    1) Installed Palmdesktop but did not add ANY additional software when asked
    2) Placed the NVbackup on my Treo 650
    3) Performed an "initial Backup" and saved that to the Treo
    4) Saved some prefs on the phone and added a contact with pictures (my dog)
    5) Performed a Hard Reset


    1) Went to the SD card and launched NVbackup
    2) Restored the backup file.
    3) Everything worked as advertised.....but no contact of my dog or any of my prefs.

    RATZ....but wait....

    1) Performed a backup after putting some prefs and putting my dog back on the phone and a special ring associated with my home number.
    2) changed some other prefs
    3) Installed FileZ
    4) Performed a hard reset erasing all data.



    1) Performed a restore off the card from the NVbackup.
    2) EVERYTHING performed as advertised...all my prefs saved and the dog were on the Treo 650.

    Well....I can say that this software performs as advertised!!!! Thanks soooo much for making this.....I am very happy.

    By making the initial backup file, I have made what I call a "boot disk" file, this is like in windows when you make a boot disk if all else fails. Happy to say it works great. I will keep this inital file in case anything happens in the future!!!!
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    Quote Originally Posted by qb11g
    NVBackup has worked like a charm on my 650 and 700. I've never lost my settings and the best part of all is free. Can anyone beat free??!!!
    Well someone could pay me a $1 to uSe somEthing else and I'd go 4 it
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    Quote Originally Posted by qb11g
    NVBackup has worked like a charm on my 650 and 700. I've never lost my settings and the best part of all is free. Can anyone beat free??!!!
    Having access to open source free software is one of the best reasons why I hope Palm dumps both their outdated Garnet and their use of Microsoft's Windows Mobile in favour of ALP (Access Linux Platform).

    As for NVBackup it's a great little utility which helps lower cost of using a Treo. It's difficult to find fault with a developer who offers their software for free.
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    Works Great! Did an auto backup last night at 1am!
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    I found the link on the freeware site, but can anyone give me info on how to download it. Do I need to download it to my computer and then Hotsynch or can I download directly to my 650 online? I am technologically challenged so if you could dumb down the explaination a little it would help a lot. Also any advice during set up on preferences or what to expect would really be appreciated. Thanks again!
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    Ok dont know about loading it to Treo direct via internet but here's how with computer

    1. Go to this website....

    2. Click on the download for....

    NVbackup 1.12 release.....the green download button

    3. It will send you to another screen
    4. Click on.....

    5. It will send you to a bunch of sites....hit download from any of them.

    6. It will take you to the download...if you have downloads blocked look at the top of Internet explorer to allow the download.

    7. Save the file to your computer somewhere

    8. Unzip the folder.

    9. There will be three files...license, NVbackup.prc, and readme.

    10. Double click on the NVbackup file and it will go to your hotsynch area.

    11. Hotsynch to your Treo.

    12. Follow the instructions on the Readme file!

    There ya go!!!!!
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