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    Thanks Guttboy, perfect explaination! My last remaining quesiton is how do I unzip the file or will that be self explainatory when I download it?
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    If you are running windows xp you can right click on the file name and check extract all...or something to that effect...or you can just double click on the file will have a zipper on it...then just double click on the icon it shows for NVbackup...this will then be sent to the palm desktop so that you can upload at hotsynch!
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    Thanks a lot! I will do the install later tonight unless I decide to wait and do the Uninstall Manager first. Did you ever decide on a launcher to use?
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    I Downloaded Zlauncher from ZZtech....I was running it on my clie before for a trial. I really like it so far and have been downloading some skins and been customizing it a bit. It is pretty powerful but I am not even close to everything It can do.

    So far Zlauncher is pretty good! Will try initate and maybe another prior to purchase.


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    Resco Backup is by far the best backup app for the Treo 650 and here is why.

    Because the 650 has a known issue which causes the "saved preferences" to corrupt, Resco's Project feature allows you to create a separate backup project to save your Saved and unsaved preferences. When they get whacked you can simply recover that project.

    You can backup any directory on the SD card. This is helpful for backing up the /Palm/Launcher directory. Or if you use PowerRun or LinkStart, you can backup the directory where the "moved" files are stored (/Palm/Program/Powerrun or /Palm/LinkStart/)

    You can backup many sets within a project
    You can compare backup sets to see what has changed between backups
    You can choose to baackup a new set to a project or update existing set
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    Another vote for NV Backup, the software is tops. It corrects the corrupt issues associated w/ NVFS...never had a problem w/ it. You can also do a selective restore to restore just the saved or unsaved preferences.

    Go free & give it a try before paying...
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    You may want to read this thread on NVBackup vs RescoBackup straight from the developers themselves.
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    That's an excellent thread, thanks for the link...
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    I also use NVBackup. just a heads up. if your SD card somehow get...lost..or worst died your backup is also gone. NVBackup does not backup to your harddrive! it's no big deal really.

    The way around this (for me), is to use your card reader and copy the necessary files into your harddrive. For safe keeping also burn it to a CD (I also zip it and store it online or just email it to yourself). Of course I wouldn't do this everynight, just when I got everything working to my liking before I "backup".

    have fun w/ the 650.

    ADD: also NVBackup 1.12 has some ftp function. Have not test this yet so I don't know if works.
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