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    I'm periodically getting a very frightening thing happening on my Dell computer with Win XP SP2. I have a T/X and a Treo 650 syncing with the same computer. All of a sudden I'll get a blue screen of death (not during a sync though) and it will indicate that palmusb.sys is the culprit. When I hit the power button to shut down, it starts a terrifying procedure. Suddenly the system fan begins to accellerate - faster and faster - until I finally unplug the entire system. By the time I get to the plug, it sounds like a jet engine. God knows what would happen if I wasn't there to unplug it.

    This is really scary. Any ideas on how to fix this?
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    I'm not sure how this relates to ChatterEmail...

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    Good point, Marc.
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    Sorry. According to the menu at the top of the page, this is NOT a Chatteremail forum. It lists: > Palm OS Software > Palm OS Synchronization

    Hence a question about Palm OS Synchronization. I apologize if it was in the wrong forum.

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