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    Everytime I talk on my phone for more than 40 minutes, my phone freezes - I can still talk just fine, but all buttons have no response. I have to reset the phone to hang up.

    Does anyone have the same experience before?

    I tried to look for technical support before posting. However, all it says on the Palm website is that "Sprint is the sole supporter for the 700p." It is pretty frustrating because I don't think Sprint will be able to answer "technical questions" about smartphones.

    I am still within my first 90-days of purchase but it seems that I can only ask for help here.
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    no problems here. maybe a 3rd party software issue?
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    We should create a name for that customer service "space" that exists with smartphones, for those nagging questions/issues that can seemingly not be addressed by either the carrier or by Palm. I am sure both entities consider this to be "the profit zone".
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    i too am having the same problem if im on the phone too long i will not be able to use the buttons. for example if i get a sms message while on the phone i cant do anything with it except hit the reset button . I believe it to be a phone issue
    I got my palm pre on day 1 Treo 755p with sprint
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