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    Have a problem with my new Treo 650, the time is always to late around 5 minutes every day.

    Is this normal or is my treo broken ?>

    Can this be fixed ?

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    Palms of all models tend to exhibit this behavior so it's "normal" in that sense. There are ways to have it updated to the correct time.

    First option is to just enable the "Enable Local Network Time if available" option in the Prefs application. Date & Time. This will get the Treo to connect to your cell carrier and update the Treo time with the carrier's time. Some people say that this sometimes causes resets and problems.

    Second option is to get software that will synchronize and update the Treo time with your computer time. Of course, then, you have to rely on the computer to have accurate time (and we all know that the computer also has time drifting problems as well).

    I used to use TimeCopy with 1Click Clocksync but now use TimeSyncXT with 1Click Clocksync which is a hotsync plugin and I don't need to install it on the Palm and it will update all my palms.

    You basically need a time sync app for the Palm and one for your computer to sync with the internet time so that everything is as accurate as they can be. I'm sure many other people will recommend others but these are what I use.
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    I use WorldMate which has a function to timesync with atomic clocks over the air, so no need to Hotsync.

    I am looking for a prog to do the sync automatically, twice a day or so. anyone knows if that exists?

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