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    Thanks for the quick update, I think this is one of the best tools since I have set my Treo 700p about 3 times to silent and forgot....
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    whats this program and where to get it?
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    It reminds you that your ringer switch is set to mute. The basic program is updated (free) the pro version is not ($6.99)
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    where do you buy the pro version at?
    Joshua Miller
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    Freeware Palm link below for version updated July 4th
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    RingerSwitch Pro now available on Palmgear
    New Treo 700P Sprint User
    Old Treo 600 Sprint User
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    Updated Description:

    RingerSwitch Pro
    1.5.1: (3/9/06)
    - Fixed popup message box issue on Sprint Treo 700p
    - Enhanced popup message box

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