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    I currently have the P6 Horizontal case. I like the horizontal form factor, so I am sticking with that. Before I did try just to carry in my pocket, but had a hard time getting it out when a call came in a lot of times (jeans and the like).

    Well now my P6 is showing some wear and tear. It is scuffed and falls off more than I like (laptop bag may jostle it.) Well it fell off when I had my 650 when I was just helping my daugter in the restroom. Fell about 1 foot and the 650 broke.

    So now I have a 700 and it wortks ok, but here is what I am trying to decide. The P6 has almost no padding and the sides are soft, so if it does fall there is no real protection for the phone. Should I get some sort of cheap skin type cover and work it into the P6? Will one even fit? Should I get the Sena combo? Should I get something else?

    The sena combo looks nice and a lot of folks have it, but $60 for a case is a lot. Especially since I just had to fork over $$$ for a new phone.
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    If you want protection you're gonna have to spend some money. The best combo of protection / padding I have found is a Treo 700P JavoSkin from JavoEdge + Sena's Lateral Pouch. I've tried the P6 and you're not gonna fit any of the more protective skins in there. Only skin you'll be able to fit in the P6 w/ you 700P is a BSE or Invisible Shield.
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    Why not the Sena skin that comes with the combo?
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    My wife and I both have the Sena Combo and just love it. It's more reliable than the treo sometimes.
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