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    Print screen images from any application! PrintItDA is a free and easy to use Desk Accessory that prints the screen to a black and white network printer or print server. (It will also work with PCL/PostScript compatible color printers, but in black and white mode.) Desk Accessories are special, typically small, programs that require a Desk Accessory launcher to launch them on top of other applications.

    PrintItDA requires:

    * PalmOS 5 PDA with network connection (e.g., WiFi, Treo, etc.) or a low resolution PalmOS 4 PDA with network connection (high resolution PalmOS 4 PDAs, i.e., OS 4 Clies, are not supported, though OS 5 ones are fine).
    * Desk Accessory launcher software (see Hints in readme.txt)
    * A network printer or print server (typically, a laser printer) that is either HP LaserJet compatible (i.e., supports PCL) or supports PostScript. Almost all laser printers support one or the other. The printer must work either with LPD/LPR protocol (port 515) or with RAW protocol (also known as "JetPrint"; port 9100).
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    And on is a free windows nt/2k/xp service for download which allows you to speak with your local printer on port 9100.
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