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    I used my Universal Wireless Keyboard with my Treo 600 with no trouble, but I have not been able to get it going with my 650. I have read many other threads about the hassles people have had with the Universal Keyboard, but haven't found a solution. I would LOVE some help!

    I installed the IR update file mentioned in some other threads, and my phone immediately lost all IR functionality and started displaying an 'insufficient power' message. Fortunately I was able to restore from a backup. Tried twice with no luck.

    With version 1.05 of the keyboard drivers, most keys do nothing but some send 4 or 5 characters (and not the ones you'd expect). For example, pressing 'p' might cause 5 Zs to show up on the screen.

    I upgraded to version 1.13 of the keyboard drivers, and got no output whatsoever. I also tried version 1.08, which gave the same results as 1.05

    Pretty sure the batteries are good, and can't imagine that a low battery could give this kind of problem anyway, but happy to be educated...

    Any suggestions much appreciated!
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    I had similar problems with older driver.
    There was a new driver released recently, but as it turns out, it's for the newer Universal keyboard palm put out.

    I think things depend on what version of IR keyboard you have.
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    I don't have my Palm IR keyboard working either.
    Kept Crashing using ver. 1.13
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    I have soft PalmKeyboard software ver. 2.2P and works with the older Wireless Palm Keyboard.

    It's extreemly slow, will do a backup/hard reset and install it and see if it's still slow.

    Installed the IR update, keyboard driver still slow.
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    Thanks Wilsonb - look forward to hearing how you get on.

    BNOYHTUAWB - I installed the RAW IR update, and it screwed my handheld as noted above. Maybe some kind of software conflict? Have installed v1.13 of the drivers also, and NO characters showed up. Any other ideas?

    Thanks in advance!
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    I downloaded the keyboard software from the Palm website version 2.2p.
    I can now use my old wireless keyboard with my 650. I never had a problem with the 600.
    The strange thing is that when you use the universal keyboard with the 650 the battery drain is more and alot faster. You have to change the batteries more often when using the 650. I had the batteries last almost a year when I used it with the 600 and now if I get 3 months im happy. I am getting ready to try it on a friends 700p to see if it will act the same way or there was some type of problem that we were never told about that has been fixed in the 700p

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