Ok, another weird happening. For reasons I won't go into I did a hard reset on my 700p. I restored a few apps from the memory card, including STOIC (STayOnInCradle), which I enabled. Then, when I got home, I placed the device in my HotSync cradle to charge, but not to sync. After 2-3 minutes, the screen dimmed all by itself. It stayed on, via STOIC, but it dimmed after a few minutes, which it had NEVER done before. I powered off and on, removed it from - and placed it back on - the cradle, etc., but I kept getting this behavior. I then did a soft reset which resulted in a temporary reset loop, with the lights (screen and keyboard) alternating on/off, etc., until finally it set itself straight. I placed it back on the cradle - again with STOIC enabled, and all is well - the screen remains on while on the cradle and it's not auto dimming

Wha happened?