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    My wife updated to the 700p and I've inherited her 650. I had the T5, so I'm not clueless about palm's, but the 650 seems to have it's own problems. The one that's bugging me is the memory. I'm running a 512 SD with most of the apps running from it. Now I know that the 650 doesn't have much memory, but I'm down to 3.9 M. So I try to do a little housecleaning via ZLauncher's file mrg, but I don't know which files are needed and which are orphans. I'm smart enough to know that if I delete the wrong pdb, prc, datm you name it, I'm goosed. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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    Actually, this isn't as esoteric as it is sometimes made out to be. All you need is to be more alert than usual and remember this:

    - Most PRC files can be moved to SD memory without any problems. They are copied back to the internal memory anyway, before launch.

    - Most DB and settings may NOT be moved to SD card as apps sometimes are hardwired to look for these files in the internal memory.

    - Some utilities like clocks and alarms need to be in internal memory for them to function correctly.

    - DocsToGo has a utility to move its programs to SD memory (and the other way around).

    - Move one utility at a time, especially the larger ones, and test as you go...

    - Don't bother moving smaller utilities.

    You may want to look at "SysTool", "3XCom", "Destaler Lite" and "FileZ" for managining your programs. (all are free, and have different functionality)
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    There are tools that allow you to move applications and their related databases to the SD card, move the files to main memory, launch the file and upon termination, move the files back to the SD card. Most of the popular launchers support this to some extent and one in particular, ZLauncher takes it a step further by moving all files in a specific ZLauncher applications folder, whether they are related or not, to main memory and back to the applications folder upon termination of the application.

    The programs listed above are good ones to look at - throw in MemoryInfo also.

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    While I'm grateful for all the advice, those programs will help I the future. I want to find and purge the files that are already orphaned.
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    Just back up your device and go to town. The procedure for booting this device is no different than any other embedded system. Everything has to be loaded into RAM. This is good news for us, because we can't touch the ROM from the device, so even if you delete a critical file from RAM, it's nothing a hard (at the worst) reset could not resolve. Just make sure you don't follow the same philosophy when making custom ROMs .

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