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    Hello, I have a Treo 650 and am trying to send email using Chattermail. Chattermail is just sitting pretty not going any further than where it says "SMTP Connect" at the bottom right hand corner. I am confident all of the basic settings for my SMTP server are correct (server name, my account name & password). I've tried varying some of the other settings, but to no avail. Receiving email I'm on an IMAP server and that is working fine... same account/username & password.

    Any suggestions or help? Thank you!

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    This almost always means that 1) the server name is incorrect (e.g. imap.x.y instead of smtp.x.y) or 2) SSL is set when it shouldn't be - or vice versa.

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    I had something similar happen with comcast mail due to the fact that it didn't like the ip address from the Treo (or something like that). It worked fine once i used a different account to send.

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