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    What's the best instant message program
    and does it work off your data plan ( not off your text message plan)
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    Toccer is free and works over your internet connection. It is an AIM client.
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    I'll second Verichat. I chat with my wife all night well I'm at work. I don't us the always on mode unless I'm plugged into external power though. So she sends me a text to sign on and away we go.
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    You might also like to check out Causerie at

    I found that Toccer caused excessive battery drain when left on all the time, and that verichat caused multiple resets a day in background mode. Causerie isn't perfect, it will go offline without notice after a time, but it works better (for me) than the rest.
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    does anyone have any experience with toccer and the 700p. so far it's not available on my 700p because since i downloaded my phone locks up to the power off mode and i continually have to do a hard resetto make a call
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    I've tried a bunch of IM programs so far but I think I'm going to settle on Verichat. I've tried IM+, Chatopus, Mundu, Agile, AOL UK, and a few others but I keep going back to Verichat. Why? SMS support! With SMS support for 'always-on' mode I can leave Verichat 'logged in' and not have to maintain a data connection to get IM's! That is the most beneficial feature in Verichat for which I may forgive the few annoyances. One other thing I like is the ability to send a file. $25/yr isn't THAT bad I might just suck it up...
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    I use CC lite for my friends on MSN and Messenger for Yahoo users. Both free programs.
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