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    When I try to listen to some internet radio station streams they will open up with the Kinoma Player instead of Pocket Tunes.

    The Kinoma Player has none of the controls and features that Pocket Tunes has. Where is the volume control when using Kinoma?Is there a full featured Kinoma Player that operates like Pocket Tunes?

    Is there any way to get streams to not use Kinoma and go to the preferred Pocket Tunes player? What the technique to not have Kinoma Player take over the playing of internet streaming?
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    Kinoma will play by default unless you pay the $20 or so to upgrade to PocketTunes deluxe. Then PT will be the default player on any types it can handle, and Kinoma will be on the ones it can't. With the upgrade to PT deluxe, it's Kinoma's job.
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    I have the latest version of Pocket Tunes Deluxe and still have the Kinoma hijacking of many of my internet streams.
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    I received the following email today from Normsoft regarding this pTunes issue. Not at my office to go through the exact steps to see if this solves the problem.

    "Hi 2YD:
    We found a bug when Pocket Tunes is transferred from a 650 to the 700p. It
    goes like this, you back up you hot sync your 650 for the last time then
    connect your 700p and choose the same hotsync ID. The Palm Desktop restores
    your 650 programs to the new 700p, including Pocket Tunes. For some reason,
    Pocket Tunes does not get registered as the streaming software for Ogg and
    MP3. We plan on fixing it but the fix for now is to delete Pocket Tunes
    using the 'Delete' function found in the menu of the 'Applications' program
    of your device. Then reinstall. Now one thing, if you have a bunch of
    streaming stations in Pocket Tunes Internet Audio section, you should back
    up the file because deleting Pocket Tunes will have it removed as well. So
    using a program like FileZ (available for free from, ind
    his file in Internal memory, Pocket Tunes Shoutcast URLs. Copy it to your
    SD card before you delete Pocket Tunes. Once you reinstall Pocket Tunes,
    copy the file back to main memory.

    Once you reinstall Pocket Tunes and enter your Registration Code, you
    should be set to go.

    Let me know if this does not resolve the problem.

    Take care,
    NormSoft Support Team
    NormSoft, Inc."
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    The side buttons are the volume control in Kinoma.

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