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    When I try to listen to some internet radio station streams they will open up with the Kinoma Player instead of Pocket Tunes.

    The Kinoma Player has none of the controls and features that Pocket Tunes has.
    Is there a volume control when using Kinoma? Is there a full featured Kinoma Player that operates like Pocket Tunes?

    Is there any way to get streams to bypass Kinoma and go to Pocket Tunes?
    What's the procedure to not have Kinoma Player take over internet streaming?
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    From my own experiences I think there are certain formats that pocket tunes can't stream and so kinoma picks them up. The only feature that really bugs me is that kinoma can't play in the background so I just have to dim the screen as much as possible.
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    How do you control the volume when Kinoma is playing?
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    Have you tried the volume buttons on the side of the treo?
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    Kinoma picks up all audio streams.... Only way I can get ptunes to stream is to physically enter the URL.

    Hopefully a fix for the background will come soon, but don't count on it... I have sent notes to both Palm and Kinoma and each have directed me to the other company...

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    I seem to remember a anpplication that lets you pick what files (extension and type definitions) uses which application.

    I will post when I find it ... I would think this would do the trick

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