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    • FINALLY, solved the crash on upgrade to new version. No longer any need to uninstall old version before installing new version! Many thanks to "dgmanns" on for revealing the information that has resolved this problem!
    • Also FINALLY, hopefully a fix for Treo Copy to Contacts crashes. I have changed the method of adding these (and old Address Book app as well) to use local Exchange Manager instead of manipulating the database files directly. This should be much more reliable. Can't be any worse!
    • Added a new feature to Directions. You can now elect to send a parsed version of the directions to a Memo record. A new Preferences checkbox has been added - "Send Directions to Memo". If checked, a successful directions result will be placed in a memo record, in the category of your choice. This way you can save often used directions for later use or do a number of directions queries prior to needing them.
    • Fixed for Phone # reverse query putting things in the wrong place, since no name is returned for these.
    • Fixed for Business results without addresses having city/state/zip and phone # fields shifted up a line.
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    Thank you!!
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    You are the man
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    Thanks Rick! This seems to work fine. I tried copying some searches that had resulted in corrupt records before, they now copy with no problems.

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    Thank you!!!
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    Awesome! Just starting to play with the new version now.
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    Yay, my reverse query map complains about no Zip code report is fixed
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    rlwhitt: great program! One request: can you use a map program that is larger? Handmark Express has a larger map (but I like DI much better!).
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    Works great for me!

    NiceGPSuperior1 is a free GPS program, now with the ability to save your map! Get more info here. It's free! If you like this app and want to encourage development, you can donate from the web page link.

    NiceDrudgeReader is a fast, simple reader for The Drudge Report. It is only $0.99, so check it out, too! More info here.

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    Working fine for me.
    Tks Rick
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    whats the other file "DA_NoAir" ??? I made acustom rom with both the files and now I see 2 icons for DA!!is it fine if I remove this one??
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    This is the best free application I have ever seen. And now with Zero bugs. I have a request. Is it possible to add a lunch memo pad after directions are saved to it.

    I advise all users to donate any thing you can affort to the developer.

    keep up the great job.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Treolo
    I advise all users to donate any thing you can affort to the developer.
    I agree. I've got expensive apps that don't get this kind of support and attention to our issues.
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    Quote Originally Posted by T-ulk
    whats the other file "DA_NoAir" ??? I made acustom rom with both the files and now I see 2 icons for DA!!is it fine if I remove this one??
    Try the readme found here:

    "- There are TWO (2) complete versions included. DA.PRC is the normal
    install with all features included. DA_NoAir.PRC is the same except
    with no AIRPORT directions capabilities. This was included to save memory
    if you don't need it. DO NOT install both!"
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    great piece of software, thanx!!
    !! uNo.....DoS.....tReO!!
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    Fantastic. One of the best programs ever written for the Treo.
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    Others have said it - one of the best programs out there, thanks Rick!
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    Great! Thanks Rick!
    - Jeeman
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    Rick, on my Sprint Treo 650, this release cannot find Blazer when the map function is choosen. Ben
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