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    I have used fonts4os5 on my Treo 600 and then 650 without incident. Since upgrading to the 700p it doesn't work... well, it sets the font but then every app just reverts back to it's default system font very quickly and this has to be done over and over throughout the day making it more of a headache than it's worth. The author, Lubak, told me he doesn't know what is wrong and has not 700p to test it.

    Anyone using any good font programs that allow you to "set and forget" new fonts for system and third party apps that work on the 700p? Thanks!
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    i've been using fonts4os5 and have had no problems....the only time it reverts back is after a soft reset......
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    Check there is a setting to start after reset.

    Had No issues using F5 on my 7oop
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    My FontSmoother tends to be a touch more stable on NVFS devices than Fonts4OS5.
    Actually, FontSmoother and Fonts4OS5 can work together (turn Fonts4OS5, set FontSmoother to use Fonts4OS5's settings, and then use Fonts4OS5 to control font selection) to make the best possible combination.

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