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    I'm wondering if the battery drain issue is an indication of the device itself having a problem or whether it might be a case of a bad battery. I have two 700p's - the one I was going to send back and the replacement unit. Most of the issues I was concerned about on the first unit seem to be gone, but I want to make sure I pick the right device before I send one back. I've been carrying around both units and I've noticed that the replacement unit - the one that I haven't activated yet - is draining power much more quickly than the one I've been using throughout the day. Even though I donít' have "service" to the second unit, both phones are "on", BT is on, beam receive is on, etc. In other words, their settings seem to be identical.

    I'm going to charge both units tonight and see how they fair tomorrow. Then, tomorrow night, I'm going to swap batteries and see if I get the same - or perhaps the opposite - results.

    Any thoughts?

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