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    I've tried vsFTP and it crashed my t700p.

    I've tried EZFTP and it works somewhat okay but it doesn't remember my sites and it can't list any more than 50 or so items in any folder.

    If anyone knows how to get around these problems or know of some other ftp software that works on the 700p, it would be greatly appreciated =)
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    I've used LFTP, it doesn't have a gui interface and you have to type in the ftp commands, but it does work. It will only remember 5 sites and I have not tried it w/a large dir. I got mine here:
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    Any GUI FTP clients recommendations?
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    I'm trying to get VFS-FTP to work on my 700p on Sprint ("Power Vision"). No luck, so far. Couple of crashes. I sent an email to the developer, but no response yet.

    New information: I turned the 700p phone off/on (again) and VFS-FTP+ started working. Able to transfer files to/from ftp server just fine.
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    I use EzFTP. It's great! FREE TOO!

    Sprint Treo 700p

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