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    Handmark's Trivial Pursuit lets you play online as well, as long as you know the IP address of the person you're playing against.
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    Quote Originally Posted by muncheroo View Post
    NesEm supports 2 player NES games via bluetooth. I haven't tried this but NesEm is a really polished program and I would expect the 2 player mode to work flawlessly.
    It's awesome, works flawlessly. I haven't tested thoroughly, though, because we usually play on my laptop. NesEm also supports multiplayer over IP; I haven't tested that at all.'s forums are low-volume but they'll give you an idea of what games it supports and any problems you might have. For my part, I've never encountered a problem more serious than not supporting a game I like, such as CastleVania 3 which hardly any emulators support... and that's not multiplayer.
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